Sunday, 14 April 2013

Share Sunday... Honour over glory

Patch Beanie (Grape)

Cracked T-Shirt (Sport Grey)
The Hunted T-Shirt (Black)

College Sweatshirt (Black)

This Sunday i've decided to share Honour over Glory... I'm all for supporting the UK designers, that bring an edge to everyday fashion... 
These are my favourite picks above! They do have a sale on at the moment to be sure to check them out! 
There's some vests etc for summer as well! I'll be moving to New Zealand in July and it will be winter, so i've kind of got to bear the winter things in mind still hence the beanie!

I love the colour of the purple beanie as I usually wear a lot of black so this would break it all up :)
They do the beanies in 8 colours! So something for everyone !

Make sure you check them out 

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Hi guys!
My Sunday share post this week is about a brand called Fortyounce, 

I kind of in a very selfish way don't want to share them at all, as I would like everything for myself!
I pretty much love every single item of clothing on here!
T-shirts especially.

All the T-shirts I think look really fresh!
I think they would all look great tucked into shorts / Dungarees in the summer!
Would make great festival wear.
Again for myself would look great for when I go travelling!

Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

Plus it's good to support the UK designers!


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sun sun sun!


Can you believe it the sun is finally out !
I have been waiting for this moment for the last 5ish months, and it feels so good wearing a leather jacket instead of a full on coat!
I love my new docs more than anything :)

Jacket : H&M
Maxi dress: H&M
Docs: Ebay
Bracelet: Portuguese market
Rings : Primark
Sunglasses : Ebay
Lipstick : Topshop

I think I Might prefer my hair being this length as well! 
Everything feels so much better in the Sun !
The maxi dress I can't wear full length as I'm quite short and I feel it makes me look shorter so i've tied it up!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun today


Morning world!
Here is my Veuxdoo wish list!
Have included the prices as well in the post as to be honest I think there pretty amazing!
These are my absolute fav's off the website
Link to the website is :
All these things would look great for when I go travelling!
If you like stuff grab it quick also! There's a lot of things I like on the website that are sold out as well so hoping they do re-stocks.
Also if you spend over £30 you get free delivery as well which is pretty good! 
Otherwise the standard postage charge for the UK is £3.50.
May have to do a cheeky purchase when pay day rolls around!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Doc appreciation post!

First of all ignore the work clothes, ignore the messy hair, was a little bit too excited to share my new shoes !

Okay so found these babys on Ebay for £22! Literally over the moon! Wanted a pair for years and every time I bid on them they always go up to like £50 £60 ! So I'm literally so happy right now! Only just got them today, but obviously had to blog about them straight away haha ! :)

Don't ever want to take them off! Becuase they've already been worn in they are so comfy too! Expect lots of outfit posts featuring them !

Also just to add, I have died my hair back to dark red atm, I know ombre's ''so last year'' so to speak haha I do kind of miss it though! I'll no doubt get bored and change it again very soon anyway! We shall see!

Docs - Ebay
Top - Urban outfitters
Skirt - H&M