Thursday, 4 April 2013

Doc appreciation post!

First of all ignore the work clothes, ignore the messy hair, was a little bit too excited to share my new shoes !

Okay so found these babys on Ebay for £22! Literally over the moon! Wanted a pair for years and every time I bid on them they always go up to like £50 £60 ! So I'm literally so happy right now! Only just got them today, but obviously had to blog about them straight away haha ! :)

Don't ever want to take them off! Becuase they've already been worn in they are so comfy too! Expect lots of outfit posts featuring them !

Also just to add, I have died my hair back to dark red atm, I know ombre's ''so last year'' so to speak haha I do kind of miss it though! I'll no doubt get bored and change it again very soon anyway! We shall see!

Docs - Ebay
Top - Urban outfitters
Skirt - H&M

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