Monday, 25 February 2013


The weekends been pretty eventful, although no fashion gossip i'm afraid!  Currently shopping online for a new jumper and a burgundy beanie though... any good jumper suggestions throw them my way!!! 

But yeah this weekend I sold my car, which im pretty sad about to be honest as I now have to bus an hour and a half to work each day... sucks! New Zealand soooo better be worth the wait and saving! seriouslyy!!
And then Saturday night spent it out with some of the fav's! ... Myself, the best friend Jade, and then Ashley and James hit the town for some much needed dancing and excessive drinking! Was a very good night and probably spent too much money but was all for fun!
The Black top that I'm wearing was actually a turtle neck off ebay and then the sheer sleeves I actually cut up some tights! Can't beat a bit of DIY!
Sorry about the lame post! but will hopefully be back on track with some outfit posts etc asap!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Travel clothing haul! Primark, Monki, Topshop & Forever 21

Okay So yesterday I went to London travel shopping! I'm quite aware this is just over 4 months early but this was the last paycheck I could spend on myself before it all gets thrown into the travelling fund! I love shopping in London but time just goes so quick, which always tends to suck!
Here's what I managed to buy :

Primark shorts £12.00, speckled tee £4.00 and rings £2.50

Topshop : Hats £10 each... the black one I will get loads of use out of when I go away no doubt... but the neon one was for a bit more fun, and I saw Beauty crush wear one in one of her San Fransico Vlogs on youtube and she looked great in it!

Primark : Hoodie : £8, Flip flops £1!!!!!!!!!!!

Primark : T-shirt/vests £5 each

Monki: Pinky/purpley t-shirt £5 in the sale

Forever 21 stripey dress : £10.50, Primark Burgundy dress : £13

I also bought a floral handheld mirror from Forever 21 and just another plain black tee from Primark. Not planning on wearing anything from here until I get to New Zealand so there going straight in the suitcase for now :)

For those that don't have me on twitter also I have recently started doing the 30 day shred to hopefully get myself  back into shape within the next month... is anyone else doing this also and does it actually work?

Friday, 15 February 2013

Where's the best place you've travelled too?

The best place I've travelled too so far is Los Angeles! I can't believe it was nearly a year ago since I went there with one of my closest friends, Jamie. We did all the usual touristy stuff such as universal studios, went to a Lakers match, Venice beach, Warner Brothers studio etc... Had such a good time, even though we missed out on going to Malibu due to me getting sunstroke and spending a day being sick due to my pasty, untannable complexion! Was the best holiday (SO FAR) to date though !
Hollywood hills & sign
Palms of LA
Jamie, Universal Studios 
Santa Monica Pier, Ferris wheel
Venice Beach

Graffiti, Venice Beach
Me & Jamie in Beverley Hills
Beverley Hills
San Diego, Sea World

Hollywood walk of fame

Intrigued to know where everyone else's favourite holiday destinations have been?

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Heres my Favourite picks from RedRock... I've put two outfits together of what I would wear and how.

Outfit one (above) has kind of a bluey greeny theme to it. I Love this Blue camo jumper it looks so comfy, seeing as were in England and 9 times out of 10 its always cold I would wear it over the dress and roll the sleeves up (as I pretty much roll the sleeves up on everything) so you could wear the spike bracelet with it. I'm completely in love with this beanie too, as it colour co-ordinates with the outfit i think it would be the perfect finishing touch.
Outfit number 2/3 ... Completely love this red dress, although I myself would probably team it with a black belt instead of the 'desert' kind of colour one. I would team it with the red hat and the accessory's. 

The shirt is just something I added in as an extra hence outfit 3. I didn't want to leave it out as I totally love it and would wear it probably as the model is just with tights as it looks long enough to do so. I Love shirts and have quite a bit of a collection myself. Love the collar on this one as it's printed, love the length and love how it looks kind of boyfriend fit. I would probably team it with the beanie hat from outfit 1 and the silver accessory's minus the bracelet.

Completely love near on everything on the REDROCK website so make sure you check them out here :

Links to visit REDROCK Fashions sites below :

Make sure you do follow them on any social networking site that you may use as they are always doing brilliant give-away's and offers.

Pink Wellies!

These are so cute! They are from

I did want the red ones real bad off the website as red is pretty much my favourite colour! But I literally have next to no pink clothes so chose these just to brighten up black on a rainy/snowy/miserable English winter day!

Other than today being valentines day, not much else is going down! Took my mum shopping in the city and stopped for some pink lemonade at the birdcage with my sister.

Should have a better post next week as spending a day in London shopping on payday! (lethal)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Lighting Kind of sucks in the second picture... Apologies!

Also Apologies for not blogging in almost a month! Will definitely get back into the swing of it :)

Had my friend Loren round today which prompted the restart of the blogging, she also kindly took the pics of today's outfit for me as above....
She was also trying to get me to go to Ibiza with her in May! Which being a massive holiday freak is insanely hard to say no to, but unfortunately funds are pretty low as I'm off to New Zealand in July for a year! Can not wait...
So happy with how long my hair is now too! Love it! This also probably means I'll be too scared too get a haircut for another year as ill be too scared they'll cut too much off! Always the way!

So today I was wearing...Leather look Pleplum top from Zara, was actually a birthday present from my sister, love it... Blazer over the top is a really old one from New Look, got this for my first ever job interview about 6 years ago!!! Skirt is an everyday skirt from H&M wear it on a regular basis to work etc... and the shoes I got off Ebay! Favourite wedges ever! Originally from urban outfitters still with the label in :)

So yeah, short and sweet post! Have the next two days off work, so will hopefully get some more stuff up on here within that time !!!