Monday, 28 January 2013

What i would wear front row of LFW with Motel Rocks

What I would wear front row for London Fashion Weekend competition in conjunction with Motel Rocks.

The two Motel items I Chose were the studded leather jacket and the beautiful burgundy off the shoulder dress.
Even though this dress is more evening wear I think it would look great casual with the jacket, I also feel it's such a statement and eye catching piece in itself there's no need to wear jewellery with it. I would probably wear tights with it too bearing in mind LFW's in February so lets face it it's still going to be freezing.
I don't know about anyone else but I love the versatility of leather jackets and how they can be worn with literally anything! The studs really add character to this one as well, especially if the outfits to be worn without  jewellery then this outfit = winning!

Chose these shoes from Miss Kl for a reason, there 100% me and I can't express enough how much I am in love with them, they are Jefferey Campbell so quite expensive but I think they look totally worth it! If anyone's seen any cheap takes on these please let me know!

Black XS for obvious reasons, it smells absolutely amazing! Really reminds me of last summer for some reason. Good memories.

Sunglasses and bag again both from miss kl, sunglasses are retro with a bit of quirk and the bag is so nice!

Last but not least the Kat Von D lipstick! I can not stress enough how much I love Kat Von D's Lipstick collections! I bought two when I went to LA last year, wear the red one almost everyday and 11 months later it's still standing! So amazing! It's also the longest lasting lipstick iv'e ever used too so would highly recommend, especially for walking round LFW all day!

If the burgundy dress doesn't turn heads all day I don't know what will!
Good luck to all the other competition goers taking part in the chance to be a motel rocks reporter at LFW!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow day..

So Today is a Snow Day :) ...
Buses were not running this morning and even though they are now I have no idea whether they will still be running later etc, so don't really want to risk being stranded, do feel pretty bad though for not going in. Urgh hate snow.
Pretty casual outfit today as I'm pretty much just chilling at home until tomorrow.
The top I couldn't resist buying even though it was from the man's section of Zara!

The bracelets I got in the post the other day from Raspberry Grape...
I absolutely love them, and it's probably one of those things I'll just wear until they die haha! I love the two little skulls one, that's pretty cute. There's also a ring I'll be buying off there very soon also. Check them out here :

Friday, 18 January 2013

New Zealand wishlist

So here is my travel 'lust' list ... Going to be travelling to New Zealand towards the middle of the year and visiting Hong Kong and Australia along the way, no idea for how long yet, but whatever its going to be amazing anyway.

1. Sunglasses - Ebay
2. Mac Russian Red Lipstick ... Mac
3. Samsung Tab - all electrical wholesalers
4. Shoes - Doc. Martens
5. Jumper - She Inside
6. Shorts - Romwe
7. Boots - Doc Martens
7. Dress - Nasty Gal
8. Bikini - Asos
9. Bag - Nasty Gal

Just a quick explanation of why i want to take these things travelling with me.
The Sunglasses for obvious reasons plus a girl can never have too many pairs of sunglasses! complete obsession of mine. 
The lipstick as lipstick is a complete staple accessory I try to wear it as much as I can and  I totally love red lipsticks.
Samsung tab to keep in touch with friends and family / continue blogging  and to use skype on it.
Doc Marten shoes and boots! I love DM's and totally sad that I don't own a pair yet! The heeled ones would be great for more occasions and casual nights out and the boots would be great for walking around on a daily basis.
She Inside Jumper this looks so cosy just to lounge around hostels in and maybe for night time if it gets cooler when out and about etc. I love it and want it !
Shorts, These can be worn with a slouchy tee in the day or dressed up at night, again wardrobe staple and again with or without tights depending on how hot/cold the temp is.
I Love this Nasty Gal dress, would be great for nights out or meals out and then made casual in the day with a leather jacket if its cool enough to wear one.
Bikini ! Hahaha anyone that knows me knows I'm the queen of bikini's and really really do not need another one! If I go on holiday usually I ALWAYS take a different one for everyday that I'm there! But this ones red and I like how the tops a little bit retro! I would love this to add to my collection!
Last but not least the backpack! I love this it's kind of a guy style backpack but then made girly with the iridescence and the sequins! I really do like this and would get quite a lot of use out of it away I reckon.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Everyday Average

 Today's look : Just a quick one today, not many accompanying pictures, had no natural light so had to make the best use of the artificial lighting.
I Decided to attach my collar 'clips' what ever you would like to call them to my turtle neck top, I quite like the outcome tbh, both of these come from ebay the collar clips and the turtle neck, neither of them above £4 each I don't think.

My Jeans I got from Vero Moda down Oxford Street, although not a big fan of jeans, I find these really well fitting, soft and comfortable, they are also navy which kind of breaks up the usual black a bit.

My Shoes I got from American Apparel in November, I think they were £40. I had a different pair of shoes on at the time I bought them but my feet were absolutely killing so I bought these in London and changed into them there and then in store haha! Although these gave me blisters in new places and aren't always the most comfortable of shoes, I do like the way they look.

The coat I got from Topshop last year, and although I do love this coat I massively regret buying this one instead of the Burgundy one, as i'm so pale i feel this one doesn't really suit my  complexion. If anyone has the Burgundy one and wants to swap, be my guest.

Last but not least my watch is from Urban Outfitters, I can spend forever in the Oxford Street one and find it a treat when I can snap up a bargain. Unfortunately I can't remember how much the watch cost me but I do remember it was pretty cheap and in the sale.

Topshop lipstick in : Rio Rio

Topshop Gift Card holder : £1.50
Currently using this as an Osyter card holder! So handy and I love the colour

Monday, 14 January 2013

Time for another music review.

 Alexisonfire - Death Letter EP (2012)

Not sure about making a seperate blog for music reviews or keeping it on here mixed in with the fashion and such...?

Basically a bit late in reviewing this I know as it has been out for a couple of months now, for any old Alexisonfire fans you will probably love this.
Wade Macneil (now part of Gallows) and Dallas Green (City and colour) have turned some of the old classic Alexisonfire songs into acoustic versions...
the album contains :
1.Born and raised
2. Midnight regulations
3.You burn first
4. Accept crime
5. Burial
6. Happiness by the Kilowatt.

Favourite track on the album has got to be Born and raised. I even prefer it to the original!

Anyone who loved Alexisonfire from way back when surely must have gone to there last gig at Brixton recently too? Was a pretty emotional gig to be fair as I have loved Alexis for years, since I was about 13 or 14! Big loss to the music industry, but a big gain in other areas as they are concentrating on there own individual music careers.

Big Alexis and Dallas Green fan... check them out if you don't know who they are already.

Cherry Baby

Cherry Baby!Click the link above to take you to the cherry baby website.
I Just opened this bracelet in the post this morning from Cherry baby, unfortunately it's a little too big for my wrist, im sure I could easily alter it to fit properly though.
. I do like this bracelet, it can easily go with anything casual, and I don't know about anyone else but i'm a big fan of inspirational quotes.
The bracelet says 'Live your dream'
I also like how it was packaged in the little pink bag which was rather cute.

Overall I can see myself getting use out of it.
I should really start wearing more jewellery to be honest.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Casual Sunday

So here's my casual Sunday post. This is a typical 'slumming it ' outfit, Disco pants I don't tend to wear out often (too scared there going to rip haha) I got these Disco pants from New Look, have worn them out 3 times and it seems like the seam underneath is starting to go, so yeah keeping it safe and having them as casual haha!

Bought the Vans Tee off Ebay a good couple of months ago, pretty sure it was around a tenner, maybe less? Not sure, either way I get loads of use out of it, Vans being a brand I have loved for years.

Cardigan I bought two London trips ago in the Topshop sale, was from £40 to £25, bargain and I wear it to work nearly all the time as it's so warm, slouchy and comfortable.

Shoes I have shown on here before around about November time. They are from Primark. Don't go with much other than black but they are again comfy and good for keeping casual.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Black and Denim

OOTD: Denim shirt : Beyond retro (London)
             Necklace : Topshop
             Sunglasses : Ebay
             Skirt : Topshop
             Tights : Primark
             Shoes : Topshop
             Coat : She Inside

This is my outfit of the day, having a chilled Saturday until tonight, going to a gig and having a few drinks with friends. Will no doubt wear exactly the same but switch the heels for flats.
I love the denim shirt that I picked up in beyond retro in London at the beginning of 2012, have got so much wear out of it, and have seen the likes of Topshop etc produce pretty similar looking shirts after, I picked it up for a mere £12, Bargain!

The Skater skirt I have picked up within the last week, I have the same one in grey also, which I have had for a while... they are nice to wear for a change. 
The coat from SheInside which I have posted on here before, i'm a total sucker for Sheinside and I wear this coat at the weekends as I feel it looks a bit too smart for work with what I usually wear.

Hope everyone has a good weekend .x.


Friday, 11 January 2013

Motel Rocks

As a Brand new member of the Motel Rocks Street team I thought I would do a post on some of my most desired outfits from Motel.

So pleased to see how much velvet items that they have on there website too! Amazing!

To get 20% off your order type in the discount code : alexandraelizabeth

Picture 1 : White Pleather skirt : In love with pleather, and yes usually black pleather! This white skirt looks amazing on the model and not something i would usually wear but it's definately something i would like to add in to my s/s 2013 wardrobe

Picture 2 : This dress is gorgeous! As i have mentioned before I totally love velvet, and this turtle neck dress is totally something I would wear as a casual dress with tights,and a bit of layering with a leather jacket.

Picture 3 : I love these matte look grey trousers, I think I would probably wear them with a baggy Tee, white or black and a fur coat.

Picture 4 : I know I have said i'm in love with all the other items but THESE ! wow ! I feel like I NEED these in my life haha! they are amazing! I recently bought some wine coloured velvet skinny jeans but these are something else!

So there it is, I could have sat and chose out items forever but to keep it short and sweet these are my Top 4 items from Motel Rocks... Enjoy

P.s : Don't forget to use the code : alexandraelizabeth at the checkout when you purchase

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ebay Jan 2013 wishlist

If anyone can help me as to how the pictures don't interfere with the sidebar? would be greatly appreciated\as it's highly irritating and I can't work out how to change it...

Anyway I have just scoured ebay for a few hours to find my current favourite items on there!

I love Ebay as you can usually find some really great items at bargain prices

1. Sunglasses: Not sure why I put these on here to be honest as I bought these the other day and are featured in my Christmas sale haul post I did last week, but I think there an absolute steal at £2 something ! amazing! Can't wait to wear them...

2. Gold Collar and black studded collar! I Haven't been to into the singular collar trend until recently! I love these two though, I could see myself getting more use out of the black collar, but it would be nice to steer away from black for a change hence why I thought I'd choose a gold one to add to my wishlist as well!

3. Black fur coat... I've just bid on this at £9!!!!!! I'll no doubt get out-bid any second but such is life. When I went to Carnaby Street two or three London trips ago in November i found the most amazing black fluffy coat in Monki but they didn't have my size, it never appeared on the website and they never restocked :( cry. But this one looks just as good, currently going for more than half the price.

4. Black fur mittens.... These are so cute! I'd love these while it's still cold or for when I go travelling in June as it will be winter in New Zealand. Perfect.

5. Blue Tartan top... Fair enough this one looks a bit crinkled to me, but if I was to buy it I could see myself getting a lot of wear out of it for everyday use.

6. Maxi skirt... These have really grown on me lately and if I was to buy this I would personally probably team it up with some Doc's to keep the edge to it and keep it casual.

7. Dr Martens ... I've wanted a pair of Doc's for years now mainly some boots, why I haven't got round to buying any yet is beyond me, but I really need to invest in a pair soon. These Dr. Martens shoes are really growing on me recently and I would quite like a pair of these pretty soon too. They'd probably do me good for work, keeping it casual smart in the office.

8. Levi Shorts... I need a new pair as last years don't fit me any more :( Christmas food and office snacking has taken it's toll. These would be perfect for travelling and in the summer or just teamed with tights.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Shopping list

These are top priority on my next to buy list.
Although I shouldn't be buying anything right now I should be saving money to go travelling.
Heard nothing but good things about the benefit pore fessional ! So this is a definite want.
Also same with the High beam...
Also I have chosen the Make up forever: Mat Velvet as my skin is pretty oily and I always have to wear powder so it'll be nice to use a more Matte foundation to cut down the use of powder.

I actually saw Leanne Woodfull do a make up video on Youtube with most of these products and her skin looks absolutely flawless in the video with these products so she's my main inspiration for these being top of my beauty wishlist.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sheinside Coat

The Sheinside coat I was debating getting ages ago arrived a few weeks ago and i love it.
This probably isn't the best picture to show how it looks but yeah.
Can't be beaten on price and style at the same time.
Sheinside is my new favourite site for sure!!!!!

Coat : SheInside
Dress : Forever21
Shoes : Ebay 

Friday, 4 January 2013

She Inside

I don't know about anyone else but i absolutely adore Sheinside

I have put together a VERY small collection of my current favourite pieces from there but there is literally so much missing that i wanted to share!

My absolute favourite from this list is the skull shirt with the fur collar!!!!! Amazing! and its only £20.20! seriously good buy.

I would say the only downside to the site is the fact my last order took nearly a month to arrive, if you can wait it out its definitely worth placing an order.


While looking through other people's fashion blogs I came across this offer for fashion bloggers from Daxon.
They are looking for the  UK’s finest fashion bloggers who love and live for fashion by offering the chance to become part of there exclusive blogger network.

You can check out the actual Daxon website by visiting :

This is another great blogger opportunity.
Click the link * Daxon* to find out more about this amazing offer! You even get rewarded with a  £50 voucher from Amazon or Threadless for joining which is a fantastic offer.

Asos Shoes part 2 ...

I wasn't sure about these at first as im not too keen on the pointeyness of them! But yet again ASOS have surprised me ! Same as the post with yesterdays shoes these are another pair of the comfiest shoes ever worn!!!! Brand new shoes worn all day long and my feet are absolutely fine!!
Hats off to ASOS!!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Asos Shoes

 Firstly, I felt that I had no choice but to blog about these LITERALLY amazing shoes that I bought in the Asos sale, I did feature them in my Christmas haul that I posted yesterday!
I Wore them to work today and with already existing blisters from poor quality shoes I wasn't really expecting much different from these seeing as they were only £25 in the sale!!!!!!!!!! Walked round the city today which is quite a trek and not once did my feet hurt ! Most comfortable shoes I  have ever worn in my whole entire life!
 If anyone's looking for some comfy shoes that look great, feel great and are pretty great on the pocket then seriously don't hesitate with Asos.
This was my first time buying shoes with Asos and it's completely made my mind up that in future I will be getting my shoes from these guys!

Secondly is part of my Outfit post for today! ... Shirt is JohnCraig but i picked this up for cheap a few London trips ago in Beyond retro for about £15! a big vintage shop that me and my sister absolutely love! I have quite a big love for shirts.

Also the skull necklace is Topshop last year.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas buys

Photo 1 : Christmas Holiday Haul.

Photo 2 : My Christmas shoe haul! the wedges i got off ebay! originally £110 from Deena and Ozzy (Urban Outfitters) still got the tag on them and i got them for £10!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best find all chrsitmas! Wore them out christmas eve and they are so comfy too!
The Spiked shoes next to them are from Asos ! £25 in the sale, love these they are so comfy and ideal for my work shoes
The Boots are from the Asos sale also £30, not sure i like these though? Feel like they are a little too pointy for my liking but i'll see how i feel when i actually wear them

Photo 3 : Bag £20 Zara! I got this in the Zara Sale ! Couldn't believe this was only £20! i love Zara and this bag i find is quite smart and i can fit so much stuff in it! Took it to London as a weekend bag for NYE and managed to fit everything in it! Absolute bargain!

Photo 4 : Bag £30 Topshop. Love this Little bag. My sister actually got me this for Christmas but felt the need to add it in here as i think its a cute bag and as i wear a lot of dark clothing it pretty much goes with nearly everything i own.

Photo 5 : Ahh where do i start with Argon Oil ! Literally the best hair care product i've tried in 2012! Makes my hair feel so smooth! Saw these Lee Stafford products first on another blog so thought i'd test them to see what all the hype was about and instantly fell in love! I Bought these ones in Boots and although they are a little on the pricey side they are worth it! They also do a shampoo and conditioner which i think retail at £10 each. If you haven't tried Argon Oil yet i highly suggest you do!

Photo 6 : Sunglasses ebay £3 ! Can't wait to wear these when the weather gets abit warmer! Absolutely love tortoise shell ! Totally love the clubmaster style aswell, think it gives a real retro vibe.