Thursday, 28 March 2013


London :)

Rough trade bag : £5 ... Rough trade
Pics from rough trade me and my sister!
Backpack... Urban outfitters in the sale : £20
Blue and red top from Joy (Brick Lane)
Multi coloured top - Urban outfitters
Green vest top - H&M
Camo top - Primark

Spent a few days in London with my sister and one of the best friends Loren to do a few touristy things and have a meal out at Planet Hollywood for my sisters birthday... We spent a day at Camden market and Camden in general, went to the Planetarium in Greenwich (Which isn't really worth looking around) , and spent a day at Brick Lane / Oxford street / Carnaby street...Was so much fun and went way too quickly as standard! Resisted temptation with buying so many things and just bought a few things for going travelling in July!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Asos shoes

Literally want to buy all the shoes on Asos at the moment !
I'm sure I'm not alone in that factor...

Whittled it down to my favourites!
I would totally wear all of these!
If money was no object of course... I wish...
After buying shoes from Asos in the Christmas sale that have been mega comfy from the start, and no complaints, I will definitely be buying from there from now on and recommending to all you lovely readers also!
Hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Payday! whoo! Everyone's most favourite and long awaited day of the month!
Had the day off work today so went for a wander into the city in the rain and picked up a small selection of bits and pieces :)
Quite looking forward to trying this hair dye! Getting rid of the ginger ombre and going all over red again! It's supposed to be a re-usable hair dye, it does say on the box that you can get two full head applications out of it! So quite looking forward to feeding back if this is actually the case!

Being Skint, I'm having to make the most of cheaper full coverage foundations! This one is perfect for me! I have been buying it in 'ivory' as I'm so pale these days! It's my favourite cheap foundation usually retails around the £10 mark and last with powder all day long!!! Would highly recommend for any body else on a budget!

Lastly I bought this necklace from Primark £4! Excuse the leg but it was the only way to get all the spikes to sit right! I quite like this, cheap and cheerfull and I'm sure ill get plenty of use out of it as it's quite a statement piece and will no doubt look good and give some edge to a plain back tee .

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Motel Rocks Dress

Last months favourite buy is this dress from Motel rocks... probably should have got something more 'spring like', but lets face is as much as I say 'I really need to start adding more colour to my life' , I'm always probably going to end up reverting back to the black... So here it is...

If you like this dress you can get it 20% off at the checkout by using the code : alexandraelizabeth

Hope you guys like it

Off to London again next week so hopefully I can find some bargains for my travels :)


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Floral and Denim

 Introducing the £5 Primark dress that I bought last year! 
I usually just wear this on holiday! But had a photo shoot with a close friend today as she has just opened her own photography shop! Klash photography Decided to wear some colour in my life for a change!
I love this dress for Primark and love the detailing on the neck!
Chucked a denim shirt over the top and as per usual rolled up the sleeves :)
Being so skint at the moment Primark is literally my saviour! So happy that there's actually some alright stuff in there at the moment !


Friday, 15 March 2013

Casual Lace

Lace! I haven't worn lace in a good few months/years. I don't know about you guys? I got this dress probably about 3 years ago off Asos, decided to team it today with my Ebay turtle neck top that you've all seen before, and my trusty ebay sunglasses that I'm probably weirdly in love with! Who needs men when you've got clothes, seriously haha!
Teamed the outfit with my trusty Vans that I've had two years and wear quite often and just tights and then also my urban outfitters belt with tiny little silver skulls on.
Bit late on the up keep as I've been busy lately but I'm assuming most of you bloggers were lucky enough to head down to London fashion week, of which I am hugely jealous of and won't get the chance to go next year either due to travelling! Major Sulk.  Hope you all had a good time and i've been enjoying trawling through outfit posts!
Been Spending my time recently catching up with friends and browsing online shops, which is never a good idea for me!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

March Fav's

Favourite Picks from March :
Dress: Missguided!
Boots : Nasty Gal
Jellies : Mr Shoes
Heeled Shoes : Nasty Gal
Love Tee : River Island
Bikini : River Island
Midi Dress : River Island

Okay so I'm in love with everything on this list! Its all so Summer-esque ! So over winter! Can't wait to get travelling in July and hopefully have some of these pieces to take with me! I especially love the Miss Guided dress as it looks so versatile! I love the nasty gal boots as I'm terribly in love with Doc's but cant afford any :'( cry! So I think these look as good as i'm likely to get to the real thing! Looks like Jellies are making a come back too!
Hope you guys like these things too!

Sorry about the quick post, didn't have much time,  now off out for the evening! ...Ciao x