Thursday, 20 December 2012

Velvet obsession

Anyone that knows me knows that i'm pretty much in love with velvet! Picture above is in a velvet body from a shoot i did last year! Was a 'not allowed to smile shoot' hence the moody face :(

Above is my 'best of Velvet list' All Topshop December 2012!

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Major lack of blogging recently! Been in London staying at a friends and then back to work, which is always a chore!

Went to see Alexisonfire at there farewell tour monday! Best night ever! Seen them before a few years back but nothing compared to the show they put on Monday! Amazing!!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Favourite Places to Shop

Probably no different to everybody elses but never mind! A list of my favourite places to shop and a sneaky peak at my wardrobe above hah! :

Love Clothing
Nasty Gal
Asos Marketplace
She Inside

Graze Box

Wouldnt normally do a post on food! But have not been able to stop eating junk food lately! It's terrible, my diet literally consists of Chocolate, Chips and Pizza! Have Been getting these Graze box's delivered once a week, every week with something different in. I'm not going to lie i don't like everything they send, but i'm open to try new things! If anyone else is battling with Junk food fever right now like me, especially with Christmas coming up then i'd reccomend at least trying them, usually the first and the fith box is free!

In this box as you can see i got :
Salsa Mexicanos (51 calories)
Basil and Garlic Olives
Light Lemon and Poppy slice (love how this comes with a little teabag next to it )
Apricot Torte (Just ate this whilst writing this blog post! Was so good, and 1 of my 5 a day also!)
Graze Box

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fashion Crush of the week




Ellie Goulding!
Took me a few listens to get into but i love her new album Haylcon and im liking her style lately too!
She looks effortless in all of these pictures! Jealous!

River Island Free Delivery ...

Above is my own River Island Wish List!
Love every single one of these items!

River Island free 48 hour deliveryFree standard delivery worldwide for 48 hours

Disco Pants for sale

Selling my Blue Disco Pants BNWT, these are a Size 8 and are a little too small for me! Bought them from Ark for £29.99 and there currently on Ebay for only £20! Looking to get myself some new ones in the next size up!
They are only listed till tomorrow so best to bid quickly if you like them :)
Link to them here :

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


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What to buy!!!!

On a bit of a budget right now! Cant afford both so need to choose! Shoes are from and the coat is from
Literally can't decide between the two!

L'Oreal Ombre!

L'Oreal Ombre.... Little bit dissapointed tbh! Don't get me wrong it lightened my hair a lot, but no where near as light as I has expected! Maybe my expectations of this product were a little bit high to begin with but yeah, going to get another box in a few days and add to it to hopefully lighten it some more!
If anybody else has tried this please let me know how you guys found it in comparison!

Also the top colour is the Schwarzkopf (may have misspelled that, sorry) Pillar Box red! which came out not as bright as I had imagined but i like it !

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Always end up shopping on payday which isnt the best of ideas, although this first picture I resited buying the trousers! I have been looking for some print trousers for some time and found these ones in topshop today! The black print on them is all in a velvety material and i literally couldnt resist, on trying them on though im quite short and feel that they don't do my legs any justice, not sure if its just the pattern or what, but yeah, managed to put these back for that fact! If you've got longer legs and are relatively skinnier i would reccomend them :)

I havent liked Primark in a long while but recently theres been some good bargains! Bought this blazer in there today and although it was £15 ! which is quite pricey for Primark it seems to be quite a decent materiel and i can imagine getting some pretty decent use out of it!

Left to right : Rimmel: 520 at ease, Rimmel: 391 Celebrity Bash, Barry M: 354 Amethyst Glitter
Love the look of the Barry M Glitter varnish the best, cant wait to try it!
Lastly Payday Hair essentials! Batiste is a must have always! If anyone has red hair i would very highly reccomend using this 'Vibrant and Red' one it literally works wonders! Next i see a lot of people raving about the new L'oreal Ombre DIY hair kit, so tomorrow im going to give it a go along with the new Color XXL range from Schwarzkopf! I shall test them both tomorrow and see if they are worth the Hype!

Monday, 19 November 2012


Anybody that know's me knows that i have a massive crush on Velvet! When I saw these in Primark for only £8 it had to be done! They're so comfy aswell! I know being Primark that they're probably not going to last but for £8 I dont really care! They also had them in black and like a royal bluey colour !

Also got myself a new scarf from Primark, £4 babyyy, bargain! (below) Dodge pic below quite aware, send some hair suggestions my way, my hairs so boring its so much thinner than it used to be and it just sits there, sad times...

Scarf: Primark, Bag: Zara

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wishlist November 2012

Disco pants : River Island £30, T-shirt: Honour over glory £20 , Creepers : New Look £18.74 in the sale!!! Bargain

Current favourite music

Three favourite albums right now...

Deftones, Koi No Yokan: This album is just as good as the last album (Diamond Eye's), they've definately still got it! They're playing a show in February 2013 at Brixton, which im definately getting in on.

Alt-J, An Awesome Wave, only recently started listening to these guys and love every single song off this album! Its more laid back to what i usually listen to but still this album is amazing.

The Gaslight Anthem, Handwritten : Biloxi Parish has to be my favourite song off this track but again the whole album is good, saw these guys live at Brixton last month and they were pretty good! Definately worth a listen
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