Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Always end up shopping on payday which isnt the best of ideas, although this first picture I resited buying the trousers! I have been looking for some print trousers for some time and found these ones in topshop today! The black print on them is all in a velvety material and i literally couldnt resist, on trying them on though im quite short and feel that they don't do my legs any justice, not sure if its just the pattern or what, but yeah, managed to put these back for that fact! If you've got longer legs and are relatively skinnier i would reccomend them :)

I havent liked Primark in a long while but recently theres been some good bargains! Bought this blazer in there today and although it was £15 ! which is quite pricey for Primark it seems to be quite a decent materiel and i can imagine getting some pretty decent use out of it!

Left to right : Rimmel: 520 at ease, Rimmel: 391 Celebrity Bash, Barry M: 354 Amethyst Glitter
Love the look of the Barry M Glitter varnish the best, cant wait to try it!
Lastly Payday Hair essentials! Batiste is a must have always! If anyone has red hair i would very highly reccomend using this 'Vibrant and Red' one it literally works wonders! Next i see a lot of people raving about the new L'oreal Ombre DIY hair kit, so tomorrow im going to give it a go along with the new Color XXL range from Schwarzkopf! I shall test them both tomorrow and see if they are worth the Hype!


  1. Please share the results of your hair dye!!



  2. i really want to try the ombre kit! let us know how it turns out! x