Friday, 23 November 2012

Graze Box

Wouldnt normally do a post on food! But have not been able to stop eating junk food lately! It's terrible, my diet literally consists of Chocolate, Chips and Pizza! Have Been getting these Graze box's delivered once a week, every week with something different in. I'm not going to lie i don't like everything they send, but i'm open to try new things! If anyone else is battling with Junk food fever right now like me, especially with Christmas coming up then i'd reccomend at least trying them, usually the first and the fith box is free!

In this box as you can see i got :
Salsa Mexicanos (51 calories)
Basil and Garlic Olives
Light Lemon and Poppy slice (love how this comes with a little teabag next to it )
Apricot Torte (Just ate this whilst writing this blog post! Was so good, and 1 of my 5 a day also!)
Graze Box

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