Thursday, 21 February 2013

Travel clothing haul! Primark, Monki, Topshop & Forever 21

Okay So yesterday I went to London travel shopping! I'm quite aware this is just over 4 months early but this was the last paycheck I could spend on myself before it all gets thrown into the travelling fund! I love shopping in London but time just goes so quick, which always tends to suck!
Here's what I managed to buy :

Primark shorts £12.00, speckled tee £4.00 and rings £2.50

Topshop : Hats £10 each... the black one I will get loads of use out of when I go away no doubt... but the neon one was for a bit more fun, and I saw Beauty crush wear one in one of her San Fransico Vlogs on youtube and she looked great in it!

Primark : Hoodie : £8, Flip flops £1!!!!!!!!!!!

Primark : T-shirt/vests £5 each

Monki: Pinky/purpley t-shirt £5 in the sale

Forever 21 stripey dress : £10.50, Primark Burgundy dress : £13

I also bought a floral handheld mirror from Forever 21 and just another plain black tee from Primark. Not planning on wearing anything from here until I get to New Zealand so there going straight in the suitcase for now :)

For those that don't have me on twitter also I have recently started doing the 30 day shred to hopefully get myself  back into shape within the next month... is anyone else doing this also and does it actually work?


  1. I love your neon beanie. Monki have a great sale ATM too x

  2. Soooo jelly welly that you're going travelling. One day for me! Some great travel basics here :)

  3. the studded tees from primark are amazing! <3