Monday, 25 February 2013


The weekends been pretty eventful, although no fashion gossip i'm afraid!  Currently shopping online for a new jumper and a burgundy beanie though... any good jumper suggestions throw them my way!!! 

But yeah this weekend I sold my car, which im pretty sad about to be honest as I now have to bus an hour and a half to work each day... sucks! New Zealand soooo better be worth the wait and saving! seriouslyy!!
And then Saturday night spent it out with some of the fav's! ... Myself, the best friend Jade, and then Ashley and James hit the town for some much needed dancing and excessive drinking! Was a very good night and probably spent too much money but was all for fun!
The Black top that I'm wearing was actually a turtle neck off ebay and then the sheer sleeves I actually cut up some tights! Can't beat a bit of DIY!
Sorry about the lame post! but will hopefully be back on track with some outfit posts etc asap!!

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