Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Lighting Kind of sucks in the second picture... Apologies!

Also Apologies for not blogging in almost a month! Will definitely get back into the swing of it :)

Had my friend Loren round today which prompted the restart of the blogging, she also kindly took the pics of today's outfit for me as above....
She was also trying to get me to go to Ibiza with her in May! Which being a massive holiday freak is insanely hard to say no to, but unfortunately funds are pretty low as I'm off to New Zealand in July for a year! Can not wait...
So happy with how long my hair is now too! Love it! This also probably means I'll be too scared too get a haircut for another year as ill be too scared they'll cut too much off! Always the way!

So today I was wearing...Leather look Pleplum top from Zara, was actually a birthday present from my sister, love it... Blazer over the top is a really old one from New Look, got this for my first ever job interview about 6 years ago!!! Skirt is an everyday skirt from H&M wear it on a regular basis to work etc... and the shoes I got off Ebay! Favourite wedges ever! Originally from urban outfitters still with the label in :)

So yeah, short and sweet post! Have the next two days off work, so will hopefully get some more stuff up on here within that time !!!


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