Thursday, 14 February 2013


Heres my Favourite picks from RedRock... I've put two outfits together of what I would wear and how.

Outfit one (above) has kind of a bluey greeny theme to it. I Love this Blue camo jumper it looks so comfy, seeing as were in England and 9 times out of 10 its always cold I would wear it over the dress and roll the sleeves up (as I pretty much roll the sleeves up on everything) so you could wear the spike bracelet with it. I'm completely in love with this beanie too, as it colour co-ordinates with the outfit i think it would be the perfect finishing touch.
Outfit number 2/3 ... Completely love this red dress, although I myself would probably team it with a black belt instead of the 'desert' kind of colour one. I would team it with the red hat and the accessory's. 

The shirt is just something I added in as an extra hence outfit 3. I didn't want to leave it out as I totally love it and would wear it probably as the model is just with tights as it looks long enough to do so. I Love shirts and have quite a bit of a collection myself. Love the collar on this one as it's printed, love the length and love how it looks kind of boyfriend fit. I would probably team it with the beanie hat from outfit 1 and the silver accessory's minus the bracelet.

Completely love near on everything on the REDROCK website so make sure you check them out here :

Links to visit REDROCK Fashions sites below :

Make sure you do follow them on any social networking site that you may use as they are always doing brilliant give-away's and offers.

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