Saturday, 16 March 2013

Floral and Denim

 Introducing the £5 Primark dress that I bought last year! 
I usually just wear this on holiday! But had a photo shoot with a close friend today as she has just opened her own photography shop! Klash photography Decided to wear some colour in my life for a change!
I love this dress for Primark and love the detailing on the neck!
Chucked a denim shirt over the top and as per usual rolled up the sleeves :)
Being so skint at the moment Primark is literally my saviour! So happy that there's actually some alright stuff in there at the moment !



  1. Love the dress and only for 5 pounds WOW!

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    1. Thanks! I know right haha bargain! Good old Primark! x

  2. What a bargain! What ever anyone says Primark is a fab shop :)

    1. This is true! Always bound to bag at least one decent find :)