Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Payday! whoo! Everyone's most favourite and long awaited day of the month!
Had the day off work today so went for a wander into the city in the rain and picked up a small selection of bits and pieces :)
Quite looking forward to trying this hair dye! Getting rid of the ginger ombre and going all over red again! It's supposed to be a re-usable hair dye, it does say on the box that you can get two full head applications out of it! So quite looking forward to feeding back if this is actually the case!

Being Skint, I'm having to make the most of cheaper full coverage foundations! This one is perfect for me! I have been buying it in 'ivory' as I'm so pale these days! It's my favourite cheap foundation usually retails around the £10 mark and last with powder all day long!!! Would highly recommend for any body else on a budget!

Lastly I bought this necklace from Primark £4! Excuse the leg but it was the only way to get all the spikes to sit right! I quite like this, cheap and cheerfull and I'm sure ill get plenty of use out of it as it's quite a statement piece and will no doubt look good and give some edge to a plain back tee .

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