Friday, 15 March 2013

Casual Lace

Lace! I haven't worn lace in a good few months/years. I don't know about you guys? I got this dress probably about 3 years ago off Asos, decided to team it today with my Ebay turtle neck top that you've all seen before, and my trusty ebay sunglasses that I'm probably weirdly in love with! Who needs men when you've got clothes, seriously haha!
Teamed the outfit with my trusty Vans that I've had two years and wear quite often and just tights and then also my urban outfitters belt with tiny little silver skulls on.
Bit late on the up keep as I've been busy lately but I'm assuming most of you bloggers were lucky enough to head down to London fashion week, of which I am hugely jealous of and won't get the chance to go next year either due to travelling! Major Sulk.  Hope you all had a good time and i've been enjoying trawling through outfit posts!
Been Spending my time recently catching up with friends and browsing online shops, which is never a good idea for me!

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