Tuesday, 12 March 2013

March Fav's

Favourite Picks from March :
Dress: Missguided!
Boots : Nasty Gal
Jellies : Mr Shoes
Heeled Shoes : Nasty Gal
Love Tee : River Island
Bikini : River Island
Midi Dress : River Island

Okay so I'm in love with everything on this list! Its all so Summer-esque ! So over winter! Can't wait to get travelling in July and hopefully have some of these pieces to take with me! I especially love the Miss Guided dress as it looks so versatile! I love the nasty gal boots as I'm terribly in love with Doc's but cant afford any :'( cry! So I think these look as good as i'm likely to get to the real thing! Looks like Jellies are making a come back too!
Hope you guys like these things too!

Sorry about the quick post, didn't have much time,  now off out for the evening! ...Ciao x

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