Thursday, 3 January 2013

Asos Shoes

 Firstly, I felt that I had no choice but to blog about these LITERALLY amazing shoes that I bought in the Asos sale, I did feature them in my Christmas haul that I posted yesterday!
I Wore them to work today and with already existing blisters from poor quality shoes I wasn't really expecting much different from these seeing as they were only £25 in the sale!!!!!!!!!! Walked round the city today which is quite a trek and not once did my feet hurt ! Most comfortable shoes I  have ever worn in my whole entire life!
 If anyone's looking for some comfy shoes that look great, feel great and are pretty great on the pocket then seriously don't hesitate with Asos.
This was my first time buying shoes with Asos and it's completely made my mind up that in future I will be getting my shoes from these guys!

Secondly is part of my Outfit post for today! ... Shirt is JohnCraig but i picked this up for cheap a few London trips ago in Beyond retro for about £15! a big vintage shop that me and my sister absolutely love! I have quite a big love for shirts.

Also the skull necklace is Topshop last year.

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