Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ebay Jan 2013 wishlist

If anyone can help me as to how the pictures don't interfere with the sidebar? would be greatly appreciated\as it's highly irritating and I can't work out how to change it...

Anyway I have just scoured ebay for a few hours to find my current favourite items on there!

I love Ebay as you can usually find some really great items at bargain prices

1. Sunglasses: Not sure why I put these on here to be honest as I bought these the other day and are featured in my Christmas sale haul post I did last week, but I think there an absolute steal at £2 something ! amazing! Can't wait to wear them...

2. Gold Collar and black studded collar! I Haven't been to into the singular collar trend until recently! I love these two though, I could see myself getting more use out of the black collar, but it would be nice to steer away from black for a change hence why I thought I'd choose a gold one to add to my wishlist as well!

3. Black fur coat... I've just bid on this at £9!!!!!! I'll no doubt get out-bid any second but such is life. When I went to Carnaby Street two or three London trips ago in November i found the most amazing black fluffy coat in Monki but they didn't have my size, it never appeared on the website and they never restocked :( cry. But this one looks just as good, currently going for more than half the price.

4. Black fur mittens.... These are so cute! I'd love these while it's still cold or for when I go travelling in June as it will be winter in New Zealand. Perfect.

5. Blue Tartan top... Fair enough this one looks a bit crinkled to me, but if I was to buy it I could see myself getting a lot of wear out of it for everyday use.

6. Maxi skirt... These have really grown on me lately and if I was to buy this I would personally probably team it up with some Doc's to keep the edge to it and keep it casual.

7. Dr Martens ... I've wanted a pair of Doc's for years now mainly some boots, why I haven't got round to buying any yet is beyond me, but I really need to invest in a pair soon. These Dr. Martens shoes are really growing on me recently and I would quite like a pair of these pretty soon too. They'd probably do me good for work, keeping it casual smart in the office.

8. Levi Shorts... I need a new pair as last years don't fit me any more :( Christmas food and office snacking has taken it's toll. These would be perfect for travelling and in the summer or just teamed with tights.

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