Sunday, 13 January 2013

Casual Sunday

So here's my casual Sunday post. This is a typical 'slumming it ' outfit, Disco pants I don't tend to wear out often (too scared there going to rip haha) I got these Disco pants from New Look, have worn them out 3 times and it seems like the seam underneath is starting to go, so yeah keeping it safe and having them as casual haha!

Bought the Vans Tee off Ebay a good couple of months ago, pretty sure it was around a tenner, maybe less? Not sure, either way I get loads of use out of it, Vans being a brand I have loved for years.

Cardigan I bought two London trips ago in the Topshop sale, was from £40 to £25, bargain and I wear it to work nearly all the time as it's so warm, slouchy and comfortable.

Shoes I have shown on here before around about November time. They are from Primark. Don't go with much other than black but they are again comfy and good for keeping casual.


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