Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Everyday Average

 Today's look : Just a quick one today, not many accompanying pictures, had no natural light so had to make the best use of the artificial lighting.
I Decided to attach my collar 'clips' what ever you would like to call them to my turtle neck top, I quite like the outcome tbh, both of these come from ebay the collar clips and the turtle neck, neither of them above £4 each I don't think.

My Jeans I got from Vero Moda down Oxford Street, although not a big fan of jeans, I find these really well fitting, soft and comfortable, they are also navy which kind of breaks up the usual black a bit.

My Shoes I got from American Apparel in November, I think they were £40. I had a different pair of shoes on at the time I bought them but my feet were absolutely killing so I bought these in London and changed into them there and then in store haha! Although these gave me blisters in new places and aren't always the most comfortable of shoes, I do like the way they look.

The coat I got from Topshop last year, and although I do love this coat I massively regret buying this one instead of the Burgundy one, as i'm so pale i feel this one doesn't really suit my  complexion. If anyone has the Burgundy one and wants to swap, be my guest.

Last but not least my watch is from Urban Outfitters, I can spend forever in the Oxford Street one and find it a treat when I can snap up a bargain. Unfortunately I can't remember how much the watch cost me but I do remember it was pretty cheap and in the sale.

Topshop lipstick in : Rio Rio

Topshop Gift Card holder : £1.50
Currently using this as an Osyter card holder! So handy and I love the colour


  1. Oh I love the coat! I think it suits you :)!! Great idea to use that gift card holder for your Oyster :)

    Robyn Mayday

  2. Adore the fur jacket!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  3. Just came across your blog! Love your shoes, they are so cute :)