Monday, 7 January 2013

Shopping list

These are top priority on my next to buy list.
Although I shouldn't be buying anything right now I should be saving money to go travelling.
Heard nothing but good things about the benefit pore fessional ! So this is a definite want.
Also same with the High beam...
Also I have chosen the Make up forever: Mat Velvet as my skin is pretty oily and I always have to wear powder so it'll be nice to use a more Matte foundation to cut down the use of powder.

I actually saw Leanne Woodfull do a make up video on Youtube with most of these products and her skin looks absolutely flawless in the video with these products so she's my main inspiration for these being top of my beauty wishlist.


  1. The Porefessional is great, I use almost everyday!

  2. i LOVE benefit make-up- it is definitely one of the best brands around!

    follow back?